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The Acting President of Saudi Aramco-Saadi inspects the Marine Facilities for king Salman International Complex for Maritime Industries and Services project in Saudi Arabia

Add Time:2021-10-28

On August 24, Ahmed Saadi, Acting President of Saudi Aramco, Abdul Karim Ghamdi, Vice President, and Sulaiman Al Rubaian, General Manager of Maritime and Infrastructure Projects, visited the King Salman Maritime Complex Project site and visited the project "Smart Site" control center.

Mr. Saadi and his party inspected the P6 package D204 jack-up platform pillar workshop, P5 package No. 4 & No. 5 dry dock, and P4 package No. 2 dry dock and other landmark buildings. After the project manager of each bid section reported the project progress, Mr. Saadi affirmed the achievements in the overall project progress and praised SEPCO's recent performance, especially the rapid relocation of human resources in the D1 and D2 regions.

Subsequently, Mr. Saadi and her team inspected the "Smart Site" control center of the project department. The staff made a detailed report on the system's non-sensing attendance, construction machinery monitoring, weather monitoring, concrete temperature measurement, video monitoring, as well as the application of the BIM platform and VR. Mr. Saadi affirmed the "smart construction site" application results and the "advanced Internet of Things technology empowering project management" technology adopted by SEPCO.

After the inspection, the project general manager Wang Yuanhui had a meeting with Mr. Saadi. Mr. Saadi said that the King Salman Maritime Complex Project is of great strategic significance to both the Saudi government and Aramco, and he hopes that SEPCO will go all out to fulfill the contract. Mr. Wang stated that SEPCO would continue to increase its investment in resources for the King Salman project and promote the high-quality and rapid implementation of the project under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic and safe production.

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