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An Operational Acceptance Certificate Was Issued for the Zambia Chilanga Project of the Company

Add Time:2022-02-09

Recently, an Operational Acceptance Certificate issued by ZESCO was obtained for the Chilanga EPC Project of LTDRP undertaken by the Company, marking the successful completion, handover and operation of the Project.

LTDRP is a part of Zambia's national power strategic plan, and it aims to improve power quality, strengthen the connection of power grid, and achieve the national electrification level of 60% by 2030. The operation of the Project will effectively promote local economic growth and improve people's living standards.

Since the start of the Project, with the goal of creating high-quality projects, the Project Department has given full play to its advantages in design, technology, management, brand and talent, worked hard to overcome the adverse factors (such as climate, geography and global epidemic) in construction, reasonably integrated resources, strengthened the process management in construction, continuously optimized the design and construction scheme, ensured the safe, high-quality and orderly progress of project construction, and completed all project construction as per the owner's target construction period.

Soon afterwards, the Project Department will make proper arrangements to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel, and actively summarize the implementation experience of foreign power transmission & transformation EPC projects, so as to make greater contributions to the implementation of the "14th Five-year Plan" strategy and international development of the Company.

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