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CPC SEPCO Committee Secretary and SEPCO Chairperson Zhang Yulei Met with Delegation Led by Marubeni Middle-East & Africa Power Limited Vice President Sato Kei

Add Time:2022-09-16

On the morning of September 16th, CPC SEPCO Committee Secretary and SEPCO Chairperson Zhang Yulei and SEPCO Deputy General Manager Xu Dengfeng met with a visiting delegation led by Marubeni Middle-East & Africa Power Limited Vice President Sato Kei at SEPCO headquarters.

Founded in 1858 and headquartered in Tokyo and Osaka, Marubeni Corporation is a well-known Japanese integrated business conglomerate. Marubeni Corporation has 194 billion yen in capital, primarily engages in the development of petroleum, coal, electric power and numerous other materials and resources, possesses a huge fleet of various types of large equipment sets for operations related to petroleum, chemicals, construction materials, steel, electricity, machinery, etc., and is capable of providing financing services to infrastructure facility and large-scale constructions related to the fields mentioned above.

Zhang Yulei greeted Sato Kei and company with a hearty welcome, and then briefly introduced SEPCO's course of development. Thereafter, the two sides engaged in extensive discussions about cooperation in areas such as photovoltaics, wind power, oil and gas, and hydroquinone. Xu Dengfeng spoke to the Marubeni guests regarding SEPCO's international business development, and contract performance for projects in the Middle East, which garnered emphatic praises from the visitors.

Sato Kei introduced Marubeni Corporation's main engagements and overseas business deployments. He said that Marubeni is a major Japanese multinational conglomerate capable of providing a multitude of investment services for new energy, oil and gas projects, while SEPCO is known for its contract performance ability in terms of large-scale international EPC projects. Furthermore, since both parties have already established firm presence in the Middle East, Sato Kei indicated the wish to realize win-win partnership by further cooperating in four key new energy projects in Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Oman.

SEPCO Chief Sales Officer Li Si, Deputy Chief Engineer Wang Yan, and relevant personnel from the SEPCO International Corporation, Project Management Department, and Design Management Department also attended the meeting.

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