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Two SEPCO Science and Technology Research Feats Rated at "Leading International Level"

Add Time:2022-10-28

On October 26th, China Electricity Council (CEC) joined hands with Shandong Province Electricity Association to evaluate and appraise two SEPCO science and technology research results, and the company's Institute of Science and Technology Research and Documentation and Information Center participated in the question and answer meeting.

The two research outcomes that the CEC and Shandong Province Electricity Association organized to evaluate are research on optimized load distribution of super large-capacity multiple-unit IGCC generator set and research on digital platform for EPC integrated management in the Middle East. The two studies were respectively based on two super projects for which SEPCO was general contractor, namely the Saudi Aramco 3850MW integrated gasification combined cycle power station project in Jazan, and the Mina Salman international port affairs project. During the meeting, experts from organizations such as CEC Electric Power Evaluation & Consulting Institute, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, North China Electric Power University, China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC), China Huaneng (Tianjin) Coal Gasification Power Generation Co., Ltd. and SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., among others, respectively listened to presentations about research background, research content, key technical points, key innovations, economic and social benefits, and intellectual property of the two projects, then inquired in detail and thoroughly discussed about the research results. After deliberation between members of the evaluation committee, the two research results were approved and bestowed the "leading international level" rating, the highest rank in the evaluation system.

This round of research result evaluation was the first time SEPCO was able to earn highest rating under the CEC standards. The research results respectively delved into engineering and service projects, and both have been successfully adopted in applicable projects. Both projects have created benefits and values in application, achieved noteworthy social and economic returns, and their scientific and technological innovations have shown to bolster business development in noticeable manner. In the future, the company will continue practicing its innovation-led strategy, focus on carrying out research for major technology breakthroughs, and ensure promotion and application of research innovations, so as to guarantee solid support for high-quality corporate development in the future.

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